Excerpt from June, 2017 "The Mountain Top Messenger" newsletter...

Well, here it is June; summer is rapidly approaching. In regards to the weather it wasn't a very friendly May. I feel like I almost shouldn't be taking time out from building my ark to write this. Just kidding we know from scripture that we won’t need to build another ark, regardless of what the weather does, God promised us and reminds us through the rainbow that he will not do that again...
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LCMS World Mission

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The BRICK Ministries
Zion members donate food, plus non-food items to BRICK. The BRICK houses the Ashland Food Shelf and coordinates temporary housing and crisis intervention as needed.
The BRICK website

Lutheran Women's Missionary League - Mite Box Mission
Zion supplies "Mite Boxes" to members who want to donate their lose change to help LWML mission projects around the globe.

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